Services and Help

The Communications Department has broad expertise in graphic design, prepress and photography.

We arehappy to help departments and institutes achieve a professional, consistent and uniform appearance with regard to their own distinctive academic profile and the University’s graphic identity.


Flyer: A5 Example 5d
Flyer: M65 Example 5d
Folder: A5 - 4 pages folded Example 5d
Folder: M65 - 6 pages folded Example 5d
Folder: A5 - 8 pages stapled Example 10d
Poster: arrangements etc. (various) Example 10d
Rrapport: std front, no images, max 8p. Example 5g
Rapport: front w/image, max 8p. Example 10d
Rapport: front and content w/images, max 8p. Example 10d
Roll-up: (various) Example 5d
* Working days after all content, including images, is received. In periods of high workload more time may be required. Printing time may vary and the cost is additional.

Tasks where there are no templates or are more comprehensive than the estimates above is assessed separately

Tips advice

Adaptation of photos: Info PDF           
E-mail signatures - Mac: Info PDF    
E-mail signatures - PC: Info PDF    
Profilemanual (Norwegian) Info PDF    
See also: "Templates".

Courses and information

We want to share our skills with the rest of UiB, and are willing to give advice and presentations in connection with, for example, image processing, advice on layout and design etc.

Printing services – design help

UiBs framework agreement for printing services also includes design help and other printing preparations. The supplier is obligated by contract to adhere to UiB’s graphic profile and to employ their own designers.

Faculty of Medicine

Users associated with the Faculty of Medicine may also contact “The Photo and drawing Section".
Contact: Gørill Skaale Johansen Email: - Tel: (+47) 55 58 68 43



Design help

Contact Group for Web and Design Services:
By Issue tracker or by email

Printing help

UiB has framework agreements for printing services with Bodoni AS. The agreement also covers SiU and UiB’s affiliates.
Contact: Kjersti E Helle
Tel: 930 13 855

UiB also has an agreement with Allokopi covering printing in various products in standard formats.
Contact: Ivar Hallem
- tlf: 982 05 759