Printing Service

Framework agreement: Printing Services

UiB has a contract with Bodoni regarding printing services. The agreement also covers SiU and UiBs affiliates.

In addition to producing all types of printed matter (including digital print and books), Bodoni can also help with visual design and other printing matters.

The company has its own designers who are committed to the UiB graphic profile. The company is also obliged to follow UiB environmental demands. Bodoni has Swan label certification.

Contact at Bodoni AS:
Kjersti Eliassen Helle
Tel.: +47 930 13 855

Framework agreement: Print on demand

UiB has entered an agreement with Skipnes ASconcerning various Print on demand services.

The agreement is based on wants and needs related to the production of doctoral thesis, business cards and a few other products.

Skipnes AS can also help with other printing services and is committed to the UiB graphic profile. Skipnes AS is also obliged to follow UiB environmental demands.

Contact Skipnes AS: 
Tel.: +47 982 59 200
from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday–Friday

Framework agreement: Digital print

UiB also have a framework agreement with Allkopi regarding copy and print services such as the mass duplication of different documents, posters, small brochures etc.

Contact at Allkopi:
Ivar Hallem  
Tel.: +47 982 05 759


Offset printing

Printing is used to produce larger amount of copies, e.g. 1,000 copies or more. Books and brochures are often offset printed.

Digital printing

Digital printing is ideal for smaller number copies, e.g. 100-1,000. Typically folders and flyers are printed.